'Finding The Right Brick'

When you choose a Warwick Brick you are defining the look of your home to compliment you. We Manufacture Solid Dry Pressed Sandstock Bricks, Traditional Face Bricks, Bullnose Bricks, Reject Bricks & Pavers.

  • Our bricks are fired to 1160 - 1200 degrees which means they can be used in fireplaces, barbeques, pizza ovens, etc.
  • Can also  be used for retaining walls, paving, can be plastered and/or painted.
  • Some are double sided face bricks and can be used for internal feature walls.
  • Some of our bricks are used to match other brands of bricks and we can also do future matching.

BRICK QUANTITIES:  52 Bricks per Sq. Metre laid in a wall.
BRICK SIZES: 228 x 110 x 75


Sandstock Bricks

Traditional Face Bricks

Bullnose & Arch Bricks

Reject Bricks

Reject Sandstocks