The HISTORY of Warwick Brick Works

Warwick Brick Works Pty Ltd is one of the oldest family owned and operated brick works in Australia and the only Solid Dry Pressed brick plant operation in Queensland.

Andrew Schnitzerling is the fifth generation, his two sons Andrew Jr and his younger brother Wayne who both work beside there father making them the sixth generation of this family owned business of woodfired kilns thus making Warwick Brick Works one of if not the oldest business in Queensland.


Warwick Brick Works Pty Ltd, owned by the Schnitzerling Family who manufacture an extensive range of bricks and pavers. The family, potters by trade, arrived in Australia from Germany in 1853. They settled at the southern end of Lyons St, Warwick and began making handmade bricks.


Bricks were made for the Leslies who settled at Canning Downs and Canning Lodge in McEvoy St, Warwick. Schnitzerlings also made bricks for the National School Building which opened in 1864 which is now the Warwick East State School (the first Public School in Queensland).


Years ago brick makers made bricks wherever the clay was found. The family had a small works in Myall Avenue then moved to Albion St around 1890—1899  .


The present site in Conrad St has been occupied by the Schnitzerling family since just before 1900. Bricks are manufactured using local clays and shale which when combined with wood firing gives a Natural and Unique Range of Colours. Regrowth timber, dead wood, sawmill waste are used for firin. All bricks are produced Solid Pressed and include Traditional Face, Sandstock and Pavers. 


Today with the sixth generation now working at the brickworks, the bricks are still sorted by hand thus guaranteeing the quality of the product. 
There are very few brickworks today which still make solid pressed bricks, most are extruded (with holes). Solid Pressed bricks are more versatile, able to be used in fireplaces, paths and driveways. 
Our fine range of Kiln Fired Bricks and Pavers with their rich earthy colours and long durability make them an ideal choice to enhance your home or business.